Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year, and a Special Announcement!

Well, that was 2012, and what a year it was. I hope you all saw the new year in in style, and are geared up to enjoy the next twelve months. Writing 2012's top ten list, I realised that with only two exceptions I saw every film at the Tyneside Cinema. For those of you who don't live in or near Newcastle upon Tyne, the Tyneside is an independent cinema that screens mainstream and art films, hosts loads of interesting events, such as their annual cult film all nighter, which I went to the first time this year. It's a beautiful building, they show really interesting films you wouldn't get to see anywhere else in the North East, and they let you take beer into the screenings. In short, the Tyneside is fucking mint, and I spend a great deal of my time there. So for 2013, I've set myself a challenge. I want to see every new film screened at the Tyneside, from January to December. That doesn't mean every film with a cinematic release - I'm not a madman - just the ones that find their way to the Tyneside, but that's still a lot, working out at about 3 films a week on average. I won't be seeing re-releases, just sticking to brand new films on their first run. Alongside BFI Fridays, Re-views and Friday reviews and my other ephemera, I'm going to keep a running journal of my experience, and post mini-reviews of every film I see. Tomorrow marks the start of my adventure, and what better way to begin than with a film about an epic journey, namely, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, still on its first run from December. On Thursday morning, I'll be going to see Deep Metha's Midnight's Children, and on Friday it's Dustin Hoffman's OAP comedy, Quartet.

Wish me luck, Project Tyneside is a go!

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